DAY THREE: growing up

“when I grow up I want to be….” feel free to answer as your 5-year-old self or as of now.




when i was very young i wanted to be a famous fashion designer. not sure what age that dream appeared but i think around 10.

it started with filling pages and pages full of my “designs”. then, i randomly found a bag of scrap fabrics at a thrift store and begged for my parents to buy it for me! i took the small scraps, needle and thread and hand sewed clothing for my barbies. the last thing i remember hand sewing was a black and white polka dotted pleated mini skirt.

while i was a freshman in high school i briefly started to sew tote bags on an actual sewing machine. it started with a simple square, no lining bag. then i started getting fancy by adding pockets and making them reversible. i used it as my school bag and my friends started paying me to make them one! MIND BLOWING.

i started sewing church clothes because nothing was long enough or fit properly. lots of skirts and dresses. lots of mistakes while learning. two of the hardest/best things i’ve ever made was my costume for my madrigal choir class and my prom dress for my senior year. the night before prom i was putting the zipper on my dress and i went to put it on and the zipper broke! devastating at the time but funny now. you would think i would have learned from my procrastinating…nope!

the whole time growing up i had planned that i would go to a great fashion design school, go on project runway, be super famous, be on the runways, dress celebrities, etc.


i didn’t go to fashion design school right out of high school like a planned. i worked and waited.

during the waiting i was discovering new things that i wanted to be. like a mother. and a wife. things that i never thought about much before.

i ended up deciding that, even though i love to sew, i don’t really want to be a “big” fashion designer like i previously thought. i can still sew and be something else that doesn’t take up as much time from life and is more flexible.

i have always loved hair and makeup. my whole life i would try new beauty products, learn new techniques and do them on myself and friends. i never thought about it seriously. until one day, my favorite hairdresser who i went to for a while said to me: “you should go to beauty school! you are so creative and you love messing around with hair and makeup. you would be so good at it.” and then i thought about it. it can be flexible later when i have kids. its something that i’ve always loved.

i signed up for beauty school right after that. i worked the entire time, graduated on time, at the top of my class. i made some great friends. i won several competitions. and now i’ve been working in a salon for a few years and have a nice clientele. it’s something that i love. but i’m not sure if i only want to be behind the chair.

i know what i want to be when i grow up.

i want to continue to transform hair and faces.
i want to continue to make beautiful things.
i want to have my own business selling things i make.
i want to teach, inspire and motivate others to do great things.
i want to be an amazing, fun, loving, patient, hard-working, understanding, creative mom. (like my mom)


what do you want to be when you grow up?




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how to be more productive in a world full of distractions


yesterday while i was going through my closet deciding what to donate and keep, which is incredibly hard i would like to add, i was listening to marie forleo’s youtube channel. kinda weird compared to my normal pandora mix but i’m glad i decided to. i must have listened to over 20 videos and every single one of them i loved! actually, every video she has ever put out into the world i have loved and taken something away from!

if you don’t know who marie forleo is then you need to get your “sweet buns” over to her site and subscribe to her emails so you can get to know her. you won’t be sorry!

to put it in her own words… marie tv is the “the place to be to create a business and life you love”…

and she ain’t kidding. i have been watching her videos for probably about a month and i already know that she has helped me so much in my life. i wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog post if she didn’t help motivate me. and we all need some motivation!

something that i love about her videos is that she addresses a problem with clear and concise steps to help make the problem better.

while i was listening to the videos yesterday this one really touched me and i knew that i had to share with you!

the video is titled “why smart people underperform”. dr. ned hallowell, who is a leading authority in the field of ADHD, speaks about how in this modern world we live in we can all feel at times like we have ADHD. in this video marie and ned talk about 5 steps we can take to become more focused and how to prioritize to be more productive in this world full of distractions!

1) define clear and specific goals.

ned says that it is critical to define what we want to do because in this modern day we can do so many things and that is a good and bad thing. we should have 3 short term goals every day that we have to accomplish. then have 3 medium goals for ever 1 to 2 weeks. 3 long term goals for every 6 to 12 months. lastly, 3 lifetime goals.

when we sit down and write down our goals it forces us to prioritize and only focus on things that work towards our goals. writing down goals is something i desperately need to do because i will come up with all these things a need to do and because i don’t have them written down (and because i come up with too man things to do) i forget them all and end up doing nothing! or i do the “easy” ones and at the end of the day i realize i didn’t do much of anything.

if we don’t have cut down to only 3 goals then we will try to do too much! if we focus on too many things we don’t really get much done in the long run. reason number one that smart people underperform is because they try to do too much!

2) avoid screen-sucking

screen-sucking is when we get caught up in email/social media and we can’t get away from it and lose all track of time. this happens to me EVERY MORNING. i know you do it too! “ohh i’m just gonna check up on instagram really quick.” “oh i just want to browse pinterest” “i’ve got to go check up on my sims in simsfreeplay, i don’t want them peeing themselves” and then hours later you snap out of it and realize you just wasted half your day.

now, it is perfectly fine to check email and all these things but the key is to have a set amount of time that we reserve for the internet and email and then TURN IT OFF. just like when we are trying to eat better. we can have a treat but we have to go with the recommended serving size and then put it away! otherwise we sit there and eat it til its gone!

3) set your default response to: ” let me get back to you”

change your default response from “sure” to “let me get back to you on that”

most of us right out of the gate will say “yes” to everyone right away and then we over promise to too many people and then “our greatest asset of generosity becomes our great liability”.


and we have a responsibility to ourselves to not say yes to everything people ask us to help with or do for them. if we say yes to too much then we will get stressed out and stretched in too many directions!

the best way to tell people “no thanks” is to say: “i don’t have time to do your excellent project justice”. you are showing them that it really is great and they should appreciate that you aren’t going to half-a$$ their project! then they can find someone that will whole the thang!

4) never worry alone

how ironic that we are super connected electronically and yet we are disconnecting in real life! people surrounded by people but we are really all alone. honestly i feel like this all the time. its so unfortunate! i don’t see my people enough…but the reason i am still sane and alive is because when i worry i can call my peeps up.

we need to always have someone we can worry with whether that be a mom, spouse, friend, or even a professional in that aspect. medical worries we can share with our doctor and financial with an accountant. when we worry by ourselves the worry just grows and grows to a point where we withdraw further and we feel helpless.

after we share our worries with the right people, get the facts! too often are our worries from wrong information or lack of information. getting the correct information can make the worry disappear or lessen into something that isn’t as paralyzing.

lastly, after we have consulted our worry buddies and figured out the facts, make a plan! come up with a plan of attack at how to make that worry go completely away. when we have a plan we feel more in control and less helpless! help those worries fade! (i also think chocolate helps…)

please don’t feel helpless! if you don’t have someone i will be that person for you! i may not answer immediately but i want you to know that i’m here for you! you can talk to me about whatever.

5) cultivating lilies and getting rid of leeches

neds definition of lilies are projects that are worth our time and energy in the long run. they may take up  much of our time and be super hard but in the end they are worth it. like children! children our lilies.

the opposite of lilies are leeches, which are projects that aren’t worth your time. not that they are bad projects, just that they aren’t worth it for us to do them. let someone else who would get more from the project work on it.


but caution! having too many lilies isn’t a good thing either! too many worthwhile projects can overcrowd each other and then they never grow to what they can become! we need to pick the few most important ones for RIGHT NOW and then focus on those wholeheartedly and then when we have more time to work on others we can add them to our list of lilies.

i for one am going to put every tip in action. what tip gave you a little “ah-ha” moment? comment below and tell me! did you like this post? well then like it!

i hope you all have a glorious day/week!




sooo last week i wrote EVERYTHING IS AWESOME the first part. if you haven’t read it then i recommend you read that one before this one! a little recap: alison faulkner of the alison show started a series entitled “how to be awesome” and it definitely helped me and made me feel more motivated to be awesome so i wanted to share it with you!!


in part four alison talks about giving! and she believes there are 3 parts to it:

*give thanks – when we take the time to sit down and think about all the things in our lives we are grateful for we will have all this positive energy around us making us feel awesome! we need to realize all the things we have in our lives that is awesome like family and all he things that make our lives comfortable. alison says that a great way for her to sit and think about all the things she’s grateful for is to write thank you notes to people.

*give your gift – it is very important for us to figure out what our purpose or gift is! every single person has one and it is so important to share it with everyone! other people’s gifts help us in daily lives. i know we all go through times where we think “all i do is _____ and who cares? what am i contributing to society?” you can even have the same gift as someone else, but nobody can give your gift like you can. the way you give it to others and share it is uniquely you. figure out you gift, purpose, passion. GIVE IT. “GIVE THE CRAP OUT OF IT” – alison.

*give love – this is the last on alison’s list to give and you gotta give a lot of it! one aspect of giving love is giving praise and encouragement to others. when you praise someone for the things they do it makes them happy which in turn makes you happy! another aspect is self-love and respect. this is such a HUGE deal i think. it’s also really, really hard. we tend to be too judgmental towards ourselves like the way we look and things we do. we just need to give ourselves a break and give love…to ourselves!


i talked alllll about this in my COMPARISON post. so go read it! …PLEASE! a couple of things worth mentioning, that alison put really well, are:

comparing ruins everything (we’ve all felt how terrible it feels when we do it…so why do we do it?!)

something i talked about in my comparison post was that looking to others for motivation and inspiration is all good in tha’ hood but…if in order to make your next move you have to look at the person/blog before you are ok with what you are doing, you are in the comparison trap. GET OUT!

comparing destroys your confidence.

comparing zaps your happy.

comparing ignores your unique gifts and talents.

when you are comparing, you’re comparing your weaknesses against their strengths. and that’s not right. remember…we are supposed to LOVE ourselves!

alison wants us to remember that “when you say yes to comparison you’re saying no to being awesome”.


feeling hurt and feeling left out aren’t how we want to feel am i right?! well why invest your time and cares in someone who doesn’t invest their time and cares in you. sometimes its too late and you already invested well…

sometimes you have to just let it go (cue frozen song)

choosing to invest in the few people who hurt your feelings and make you feel left out isn’t a good idea at all. invest in the people who want us to! who cares if you don’t get invited to certain things. we get invited to other things! and we can throw our own dang parties.

“when you invest in people who invest in you and you will be rich in happy” – alison

she posted another video on monday!! BONUS JONAS!


this seventh part is mostly alison telling personal stories that are really amazing, so i find it really hard to write about this video! please just go watch it! i can’t do it justice!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading’ my lil ol blog. if you liked what you read, then please LIKE IT! and SHARE with your loved ones so they can have a little inspiration too. COMMENT below if you have any thoughts! tell me which part you think will help you the most! AND don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!




ok, so maybe everything isn’t entirely awesome…

for one, we don’t live in a lego world. how awesome would that be?!

for two, we don’t have daily instructions that tell us how to have a good day and be AWESOME. (ok maybe we do…but i’m talking besides religion)

i don’t know about you but, i for sure don’t have an awesome day everyday. i would like to! unfortunately, life is hard. every single person has challenges. and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. they have their problems…they do.

alison faulkner of the alison show started a video series about 5 months ago entitled “HOW TO BE AWESOME”


k so, she openly says that she isn’t self proclaiming that she is awesome…she is simply sharing things that help her feel more awesome and motivated in life! which is a great place to start with to help figure out your own things of how to be awesome! i was originally going to summarize all 6 videos in this one post…but that was proving to be a very very long post. so i’m going to break it up in half. i am excited because the things she talked about definitely gave me the feels. i encourage you to watch her videos because  i won’t be able to write all the amazingness down here! . but alas! i shall summarize my favorite parts for thee, fair maiden. or sir. why am i talking in…? umm… just…MOVING ON.


alison talks about the first thing in any endeavor is to start! losing weight, learning a new skill, starting a business, starting a blog. i know what you are thinking: well duh! but honestly it’s not that simple! we hold ourselves back because of self-doubt and fear. our brains say things like “we need to be perfect before we start”. i know that’s what my brain wants to think. but you don’t need to be perfect! you need to learn and grow and you can’t do that if you haven’t started. this is always such a HUGE struggle for me. i don’t like to do things that i’m not really good at. hence why i don’t pay sports. this is my hugest downfall with everything! i was terrified when i started my blog and made my first post! ultimately i came to the conclusion that how are you going to get good at something if you don’t start?!! ugh! be like nike. just do it!


“the most awesome people listen more to their hearts than they do to the jeers of the crowd” -alison faulkner

isn’t that a darn good quote? and it’s totally true! putting yourself out there and being true to yourself will help you get closer to you goals. don’t worry about if others will think you are crazy or ridiculous. don’t worry about popularity. there are always going to be haters. haters gonna hate. but the incredible thing is there will always be people who love you for you.

it is way easier to say that than to do it HA! now remember me saying i was terrified of starting my blog? well after i dug up some courage and made my initial post, i didn’t post for almost 6 months because i was afraid of putting myself out there. i was racking my brain too hard about what i should be like or write about, when i should just be myself and write bout things that interest me. hence, why i re-started and made this series-thing where i post every thursday about things that have inspired me.


not just let it run dry, which we need to worry about as well. (haha as WELL <-i’m so punny) we need to fill our wells with positive thoughts and people! read books, magazines, newsletters, listen to podcasts, etc.

she talks about 3 main ways we poison our wells:

*negative thoughts – JUST STOP IT! replace them with better thoughts! you are beautiful! you are unique! you are so talented! you are doing the best you can! you are doing better than you’ve been before!

*negative people – friends or family that drag you down! you can’t cut them out of your life totally…but don’t share your heart and soul and aspirations with them because they will poison your well and they will crush you. you can talk about superficial things like reality tv, the weather, food but only get deep and personal with people that openly love you and praise you and lift you up!

*negative actions – figure out your personal checklist on what helps you and what doesn’t. maybe you need to exercise in the morning to get your endorphins going. endorphins make you happy…and happy people don’t shoot their husbands. (get my reference?) or maybe not staying up so late! i know that i feel my most awesome when i don’t stay in bed past 9. when i do some sort of workout in the morning. when i drink a lot of water. when i make goals and stick to them, like posting on here once a week. so figure it out! it will take some trial and error but once you get it, it’s awesome.

i am so glad i found her 🙂 she is definitely one of those people you want to be friends with and like go to a party or something with because she has a very fun personality! she has many other videos and tutorials on her blog and youtube channel! i am for sure going to be making a leather pouch after watching her video. i might still sew it though.

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p.s. how many times can you say the word “awesome” in a blog post?



this has been something on my mind for a little while. my husband and i have talked about this several times because we both definitely struggle with comparing ourselves  to others. and we aren’t the only ones. i mean…at least i think so!

so when summer bellessa and brooke white AKA the girls with glasses posted this video yesterday i decided i should share it with you all.

so we’ve already established that pretty much every person has compared themselves to others at one time or another. now. with the rising popularity of pinterest, instagram, and blogs we haven more opportunities to compare than just with our neighbors or friends. we see the little perfect snapshots into other people’s lives and not all the normal non-glamorous things that they deal with. we need to put an end to our self shaming and here are some helpful tips from the girls with glasses.

THINK OF THE BIG PICTURE – perspective totally matters!

in the realm of life there are always going to be people who do more than you and have more that you…and on the flip side there are also people who have less than you and aren’t able to do as much as you. or do different things than you that isn’t necessarily better or worse. everyone is just different and that is more than OK!

BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE – its hard to be down on yourself when you realize how much awesome you have going on in your own life! be grateful for your family the way they are. be grateful for all the things that make you, YOU! every single person on this planet has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. YOU are perfect just the way you are! you are your own mix of talent and beauty and no one else has it!

SOCIAL MEDIA ISN’T THE WHOLE PICTURE – its only one piece in the ENTIRE puzzle! they get to control what they look like in that photo and what words and experiences they post. no one’s life is as picture perfect as it is on social media!

TAKE A MEDIA BREAK – sometimes we can’t control that our minds automatically go into “comparison mode”.

“no one is going to have on their gravestone ‘ ugh i wish i would have looked at instagram a few more times'” says summer, and that’s so funny and true! we won’t miss out if we aren’t glued to our social medias.

HAVE A GOOD SUPPORT SYSTEM – have a group people who love you for your uniqueness! people who know your strengths and weaknesses and can help you when you need it! sometimes you just need to call up your mom and have her tell you how proud of you she is, am i right? or maybe your aunt, cousin, significant other, close friend…people are there, you just need to reach out!

JUST STOP IT – if you do find yourself starting to compare then just STOP! sounds simple…but trust me i know it’s not! but if you make sure you are aware of your thoughts and make a conscious choice now to make it stop immediately when you feel those negative thoughts, i promise it will help. i know this has helped me A LOT.

now it’s not all bad to see others and admire and become inspired by them but that’s where it needs to stop. don’t let it get any further than that. there is such a fine line between comparing negatively or being inspired and motivated by someone. its important to admire and be inspired by others’ strengths, but if it’s not your strength that’s not a bad thing! you have strengths that you won’t have.

now seriously, you guys need to follow these gals. the have some pretty fantastic vids like:

crafty tutorials (how to make your own reversible jersey skirt)

beauty tutorials (how to use hot rollers)

AWESOME music to enjoy (their theme song and NOT FANCY) <—SO AMAZING! they have both been stuck in my head for forever!

thank you so much for reading this post. i hope you felt some warm fuzzies. if you enjoyed it i would love if you would like it and share it with your friends and family.  if you would like to see me talk about something specific then tell me below in a comment. and tell me which tip you think will help you the most!


P.S. sorry i posted so late but TECHNICALLY its still thursday for me!  ;]