i have some news: 200 followers!

hello everyone! how the heck are ya?!

is november treating you well? i hope so. it’s going by really really fast, isn’t it? i can’t believe mockingjay part 1 is coming out tomorrow!! i am so excited to see it! yaaaay!

anyways, i just wanted to take a minute and share with you a couple things going on…


i have just passed 200 followers!! which you probably knew from the title…


ahhhhhhhhh! is this real life? i can’t believe there are 200 awesome people out in the world that is following my little blog here. it’s insane to me! but it’s so amazing and i am so thankful that you guys are my friends and that we talk all the time! (if we don’t talk all the time, then let’s start!)


except i think that means i can’t be nominated for a liebster award anymore…which is bittersweet…funnily though, martina from a splash of mimosa nominated me for another liebster award RIGHT BEFORE i hit 200 followers, so thank you to her for fitting another one in right before i’m not allowed to be nominated haha! thank you so so much for thinking of me martina!!

now for some bad news…

i broke the laptop. you know, the one i use for blogging, and internets and stuff. well, i broke the screen. because i am an idiot.

all i am going to say is don’t pick up your laptop but the screen and move it. even if it’s like two inches away. pick it up from the much sturdier bottom. and even if you have previously picked up the laptop by the screen like a thousand times and it didn’t break, just stop doing that. it will end poorly one day.

that’s all i wish to say on the subject…

now for some kinda ok news…

my husband is kinda a genius because he had the idea to try and hook up the laptop to the tv so i have a temporary screen! woohoooo!

but sadly i feel like i still won’t be getting much done as far as posting…i will try really hard but it’s kind of a weird setup to have, hooked up to the only tv in our house and it’s not very comfortable since the cord is only a few feet long and i have to sit on the floor. and i have an ipad mini but the app on there makes it SUPER difficult to post and link to things…

so i just wanted to come on here and tell you thanks for following me and please stick around! be patient with me! i have some GREAT things coming! like a dinner in a pumpkin recipe, and a tutorial for how to make a tshirt fit you perfectly and customize it to be unique! i also am going to post about how i made those awesome wings from my halloween costume (check out my costume here! and the dress/shoulder piece tutorial here!) i am also wanting to do a couple tags, they seem like fun!!

so again, THANK YOU! i love this community so much! tell me below what post you are excited to see! or if there is something else you want to see as well!



halloween costume mayhem

i don’t know about you but i always find it hard to decide on what i want to be for halloween.

why is it so difficult?!

i want to do something that people will know, but not that’s cliché.

i want to make it from scratch and have it look legit.

that takes time. and that means i have to decide on what i want to be way in advance. and you know what happens?

i can’t decide on one thing because i want to be everything!

well my turmoils are at an end because i finally settled on what i want to be!

i am going to be maleficent!

but not the black outfit one everyone will do…



i am going to be her before she was evil, before her wings were stolen, when she was a good fairy that protected the moors.

because i like to be unique remember? and worst case scenario, if no one knows i’m specifically maleficent, i will look like a really cool earthy kinda fairy thing.

maleficent wings



well, as usual i am a huge procrastinator…so i bought my fabric for the dress yesterday and i will start cutting and sewing today.

but first, let me write a post about it. HA!

now, i have researched a lot about how to make the wings and horns and the dress.

and i am going to share all the things i do along the way!

also, if you have any suggestions on how to create these things i will be more than happy to take advice!

the dress

so for starters. the dress is pretty simple and has a belt looped around for embellishment. it’s got long billowy sleeves and is scoop neck.

like i said pretty basic. so i found THIS tutorial for this guenevere dress through pinterest that i think will work quite nicely, i just won’t cut the slit on the shoulder.


the horns

i haven’t quite decided what method to use…i have seen a few different tutorials on how you can make them from scratch completely out of things like card board, hot glue, duct tape, and other random things. like THIS tutorial on oishari. it’s such a cool tutorial!

wip horns

…or i’ve seen some pretty cool maleficent horns being sold online and i might just cave and buy those, haha.

the wings

the things i am the most excited for is making the wings!!

i found this video that explains the whole process (please excuse the language):

and that tutorial references THIS one.

i have absolutely no idea how it will work out but…let’s hope it works out well!!

the accessories

some of the minor accessories that i need to do are:

– gold ring

– gold bracelets

– wrap belt

– pointy ear/elf ear things

-leather/feather shoulder piece


what are you going to be for halloween?